A Christmas Wish for the Jew Girl

Her glowing green eyes blinked open and a moment later her lips curled into a smile. Even for Jewish children, Christmas morning is a time when wishes might be fulfilled, though it’s an admittedly rare occurrence for the little Israelites.

Reality has little bearing on the optimism of a nine year old though, and so it was with great expectation she buttoned up her blue pea-coat over her threadbare frock and pulled on her scuffed little booties, two sizes too big. Before The Scientist was awake, his daughter was skipping down the street with images of vivisection dancing in her head the way another child might daydream about a favorite toy.

At the edge of town, where the road was lined not with sidewalks but with sparse grass, she spotted it, her Christmas wish come true. With a squeal of happiness she clapped her hands and cried out “thank you, Santa.”

Her smile was angelic as she searched for and found a palm sized rock and then clubbed the ensnared rabbit over its head. She tucked the warm corpse into her satchel, thinking to herself all the while that Santa was a pretty good guy for someone who slips into people’s houses in the middle of the night.

Merry Christmas Everyone


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